If you’re looking for auto shipping services for a vehicle that doesn’t run, you should be aware that it’s going to cost a bit more to ship a vehicle that doesn’t run than a vehicle that does. The reason why is that auto carriers that do ship non-running vehicles require a special winch attached to their truck that will load and unload it; most vehicles are simply driven on and off the truck, but you can’t drive a vehicle that won’t start. So they need to essentially tow it onto the truck using a specialized winch, and it costs money to keep it maintained and operational.

However, your vehicle must still be able to roll, brake and steer, otherwise it can’t be loaded onto the vehicle at all. Carriers can winch it onto a truck, but they still need to be able to stop the vehicle, and brakes are need in order to do so. They also need to be able to maneuver the vehicle to the truck – they can push a car, but they can’t make it turn without a steering wheel, and they can’t push a car without wheels or tires. So make sure that if the vehicle doesn’t run it at least can roll, brake and steer enough to get it onto and off of an auto shipping carrier.

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