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Auto Shipping 101: Flatbed Auto Transporters

Auto Shipping 101: Flatbed Auto Transporters

Flatbed Auto Transporters

When it comes to transporting a vehicle on a flatbed carrier, there are a few things about flatbed shippers you need to know. For starters, their availability isn't on the same level as open transport or even enclosed transport carriers, which means that we'll have to make the determination of whether or not your vehicle is going to need a flatbed truck to transport it. Most of the time flatbed shippers transport vehicles that are too large or too awkward to fit on a standard carrier.

We may request the dimensions of your vehicle, in addition to the year, make and model of it, if we feel that it may be too big for a standard transport truck. Before you call us for a quote take a look at your vehicle and make a judgment call in terms of its size; if it is larger than a usual car, or if it is lifted or elongated, you should probably get the dimensions of it. By having the vehicle's dimensions on-hand when you call us we'll be able to better quote your shipment and get your vehicle moved faster.

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