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Packing Personal Belongings in a Car

Packing Personal Belongings in a Car

Packing Personal Belongings in a Car

If you're interested in transporting your personal items with your vehicle, that's something that we can accommodate - to an extent. You can have up to 100 pounds of clothing, linens or towels in the trunk of the vehicle. We do discourage placing items in the vehicle for a few reasons; for starters, auto shippers are not licensed to carry household goods, which means that they could get in trouble; any household goods you put in your car will NOT be insured, so no insurance claims or anything if your stuff gets damaged; and lastly, too much weight can cause problems for interstate trucking companies who have to abide by strict weight limits and who are checked at every state line. So... yes, you CAN put stuff in your car, but it is not recommended unless absolutely, 100% necessary.

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