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Shipping Cars to San Francisco

Shipping Cars to San Francisco

Shipping a Car To San Francisco

When it comes to transporting vehicles to or from San Francisco you should know that getting into the city proper for an auto transport carrier might pose some problems. San Francisco is one of the largest cities in the state of California, and because of its size and age getting through a lot of the more urban areas is difficult because of the narrow streets and lack of maneuverability for such a large truck.

This is why most carriers will ask to meet you in either one of the suburbs, preferably in a big parking lot of a mall or a major shopping center. They may be able to deliver it to your door, depending on where in San Francisco you are delivering to, though on the whole you will need to meet them in a more auto-transport-friendly area where the truck can maneuver without risk of damage to the truck or personal or commercial property.

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