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What to Know About Shipping a Toyota Tacoma

What to Know About Shipping a Toyota Tacoma

Shipping a Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma is Toyota's smaller pickup truck and is designed to be more fuel efficient and economical than the larger pickup trucks out there. Sure it won't beat a Ford F-350 in terms of towing and hauling, but anyone that buys a Tacoma understands that. As they are smaller, they are typically not as difficult to ship, which ultimately leads to less expensive auto transport prices.

The Tacoma is a pickup, however, and could lead to slightly higher prices than what a car or small SUV would cost along the same route; however, the markup would be minimal for a Tacoma unless it's been lifted or made heavier in any way, as that would decrease fuel efficiency for the carrier (which is generally why larger vehicles cost more to ship - carriers have to recoup the additional money spent on fuel).

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