When it comes to auto shipping, door-to-door services are probably going to be the fastest and easiest way to ship your car. Door to door auto shipping is the standard method of auto transport in today’s car moving industry, namely because it gives the customer more peace of mind, allows for more freedom of movement for carriers, and results in the fastest pickup, transit and delivery times. Though there are cheaper methods of transporting a car, they aren’t nearly as fast or as safe as door to door transport, and when it comes to moving something as large and as valuable as an automobile, safety and security are paramount.

There are some auto shipping companies that specialize in other types of transport, but almost all shippers will offer door to door auto shipping services. Some companies, like we mentioned, will only provide terminal to terminal transport, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Others will only offer enclosed transport – but even with an enclosed transport truck it’s still going to be door to door. You should talk to your auto shipping representative about other alternative methods to door to door auto shipping if you’re interested.

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