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August 16th, 2019

I had purchased a car in Flordia and needed it transported to Indiana. The dealer had promised to get it shipped a week later it still was not shipped. In searching for a car transporter company I had many quotes UNTIL I FINALLY LEARNED HOW TO SEARCH I put best transport company in Flordia in google and Pat at Ultimate Auto Shipping came up ALL THE REVIEWS WERE FIVE STARS. I called Pat, he was kind, considerate, polite, helpful, informational, informative,and very professional, and explained everything to me. How it all operates, how he runs his business, what the cons out there do, and he still didn't have my business yet Right then and there I knew I had found the company I wanted to transport my car if I could give this man a million stars I would. THIS IS THE KIND OF PERSON YOU PRAY TO FIND seriously. Everything was perfect from beginning to end. From knowing when the car transporter was picking up my car, to the drivers cell phone number, to drop off I was informed every step of the way. TRUST ME THIS IS THE GUY TO USE. PAT, A MILLION THANKS!!!!!!


5 Star Rating

August 16th, 2019

I've used Ultimate Auto Shipping to ship four of my cars across country over the last four years. Pat always delivers as promised. Which is why I continue to go back to him. His drivers are always reputable and courteous. And the cars arrive in the same condition they were shipped. Two days before our move out to California, the driver who was scheduled to pick up two of our cars was delayed due to a mechanical failure. Pat was able to line up another carrier within hours during a very busy moving season. This allowed us to complete our move on schedule. Pat's an honest broker in a not so honest business. The fact that so many imitators are doing business off his name or a similar business name speaks volumes to the high bar he has set in the industry.


5 Star Rating

June 29th, 2019

I recently arranged transport of my 2004 Lexus from Gainesville, FL to Missoula, Mt through Pat L at Ultimate Auto Shipping. A 3 day pickup period was arranged, though the last day was not feasible, as I was catching a flight at 6 AM on the third day. Pat understood and assured me that would not be a problem. He called me and told me a carrier had agreed to pickup my car on one of the first 2 days. When it was late afternoon of the second day, and no word from the carrier, I called the dispatcher (Pat had provided the phone no.) and received no response to my voice mail. This occurred again about 6 PM, with no response. Finally, about 7:30 PM, the dispatcher answered and said the pickup would be in 3 days. That would be impossible as I would be 2000 miles away at that time. I called Pat, he quickly assured me that he would re-post my pickup request even though I was leaving town in about 10 hrs. An hour later, he called me and told me he had arranged a new carrier, and my car would be picked up that night. About 30 min later, the new driver called me, assured me all was well and that he would be in Gainesville about 10:30 PM to pick up my car. This all proved to be true. While talking with him at the pickup, he said he had another car to drop off in Kalispell, MT and would I like my car dropped off there, instead of Missoula. As I live in Bigfork, that was a terrific change of plans and I readily accepted. My car was delivered to Kalispell on the arranged date, safe and sound. I am so pleased with the terrific solution to a problem that was becoming a nightmare concerning the pickup. Pat L was so very helpful and calming as I was beginning to panic on the planned pickup date. There's no question this is a difficult business, but Ultimate Auto Shipping did a fantastic job solving my problem. I'd recommend them to anyone.


5 Star Rating

June 12th, 2019

Pat was always very helpful every time I spoke with him, and was honest and upfront while helping to walk me through the process of shipping a car, which I've never done before. He was patient when I had to change my plans several times and made sure that I was getting exactly the service I needed. The one caveat I offer is that our contract stated that we would be able to put up to 100 pounds of personal items in the shipped vehicle, and the delivery driver did not honor this arrangement and made us empty the cars, but this was a minute issue outside of Pat's control. I would definitely use Ultimate Auto Shipping in the future to ship a car safely and affordably.


5 Star Rating

May 15th, 2019

I've worked with Pat and Ultimate Auto Shipping, Inc. a couple times since 2011. He's been in the business for years and has stuck with it through cut-throat industry changes. Pat knows what he is doing and stands out as a solid businessman with integrity. I was glad to be able to work with him again for my most recent shipping need, and glad I kept his number in my phone all these years. Most recently, I had to ship my dad's car from the SW to the NW. This situation had to be facilitated through an attorney and it had been months of hassle and guess work just trying to get the car free and available to ship. When it came to actually shipping the car the last thing I needed was more headache, anxiety, waiting and expense. I didn't hesitate to call Pat. I've shipped cars west-to-east across the continental US and back again, and now SW to NW. Pat makes the process clear: even as a return customer he went over every detail with me to make sure I was all set. He was straightforward with quotes and didn't hesitate to offer an estimate as soon as he had basic information from the industry and from me. In previous instances, I've had to work around complex schedules and Pat has always been able to broker a situation that works out perfectly. For this latest transaction I had no tricky itineraries, so he was able to put up a bid based on his quote, and within about two hours we had a contractor and a scheduled ship date of the next day. In my experience, the drivers Pat works with are top notch. For this latest shipment, I was able to contact the driver at all times if needed, and near the time of expected delivery, I phoned to get a more exact delivery estimate. The driver accommodated me by texting three hours prior to delivery and then drove up to my house five minutes ahead of his projected arrival! Pat called me about 20 minutes later to confirm the delivery. The whole transaction was executed with no fuss and no headache, it was simply taken care of and over with. Thank you Pat! It's easy to be intimidated by shipping a car. The reason I work with Pat at Ultimate Auto Shipping, Inc. is because Pat is attentive and clear about details. He will get you a truly fair price for your shipping, and I am absolutely confident that *** is getting the best deal for all parties concerned. I don't ship cars regularly, but Pat at Ultimate Auto Shipping, Inc. is my go-toI won't work with anyone else.


5 Star Rating

April 3rd, 2019

I was turned on to Pat through another friend in the restoration industry, and what a blessing. Not only is he very prompt, you can tell he has hand selected the drivers that he uses. Each time, there has been exceptional attention to detail, great communication, and most importantly great results. whether it is a high end restoration , or a nice daily driver being shipped, they are all treated the same and it makes the transport process easy for me and my clients. At the end of the day, there is no stress that things won't be handled correctly. I am very OCD when it comes to how things are treated and handled, and this has been the perfect match for me. In this industry, it can be hard to find someone who you can trust and get consistent results........ Pat and Ultimate Auto Shipping will be a partner for years to come.


5 Star Rating

February 23rd, 2019

Clayton, NC

Pat was very helpful from day one. I had no problems and my Tahoe was actually picked up the same day I called Pat to make arrangements to send it to Texas. Thank you so much! I would definitely recommend Ultimate Auto Shipping :) 


5 Star Rating

February 4th, 2019

Pat L. is the very best in this business. This industry is extremely unprofessional, no moral compass, they tell you what you want to hear- but cannot deliver, filled with Bad Guys. Pat is the exact opposite; He first took the time to educate me on the industry and business sending me numerous documents/website to become familiar with how things work. We then proceeded to have a very honest/professional discussion on how to transport my car from California to Iowa. I signed my papers to do business with him on Thursday, Friday we had a transport company pick up my car in California and they delivered my car in Iowa on Sunday, three days early. Pat was spot on in everything he told me. What makes Ultimate Auto Shipping a great experience is the knowledge/wisdom Pat has, his 7/24 accessibility and his commitment to me the Customer. I would only use Pat and his team if ever again I need to transport a vehicle.


5 Star Rating

January 17th, 2019

I was looking for a service to pick up my daughter's car (that was stranded at a dealership in the middle of the US after a breakdown) and take it to her in California. I made the giant mistake of providing my email address and phone number to an online agency and was subsequently bombarded with emails, texts and phone calls for weeks. I reviewed each and every company trying to get my business and found that on the whole, the car shipping business is heavily inundated with people who seem to not care much after they take your money. Look around: the reviews of most brokers and shippers are downright terrible. I came upon Ultimate's website through a Google search and saw that their reviews were very good. Wary, I called and Pat answered the phone. In fact, every single time I called thereafter, Pat answered the phone, unlikely for almost any business these days. Pat advised me that the auto shipping industry was rife with scams and negligence, and explained to me how the process worked. He made me educate myself on the process and to read the reviews other customers had left for Ultimate Auto Shipping before I hired him to do the job. When I decided to proceed with them, he explained to me that it could take a little while to get a driver to agree to pick up the car and so I waited. The first truck took about a week to pin down. Pat provided me with the driver's phone number and his company's information so I could contact the driver directly about the car. Unfortunately, the truck broke down the day before it arrived to pick up my daughter's car, and the service was cancelled. Surprisingly, Pat was able to secure another truck within a few hours and again we waited. Unfortunately, this driver was a no call/no show and for the second time, the car remained at the dealership. I was beginning to worry as my daughter's college semester was beginning and she really needed her car for school. Again, Pat secured a third truck within a day and put me in touch with the driver. He was courteous and stayed in touch with my daughter to give her ample notice for arranging a pickup time. The car got to her with no damage and everything went as planned. I was informed the snafus we encountered with the trucks is pretty common, but even so, I felt comfortable knowing the Pat was on it and kept staying in touch and on top of things. He was available via phone calls and email every time I called and worked through the weekend to get our car where it needed to be. The price he quoted was the price we paid, and he even followed up with the second trucking company who left us high and dry without even bothering to call. He obviously works hard to maintain a list of reliable trucking companies and removes them when they pull stunts like that. Overall, I was really satisfied that the job was done and done well in an industry where it seems pretty hard to get decent service and where the sharks are circling as soon as you put your toes in the water. Thanks Pat!


5 Star Rating

December 19th, 2018

Because this was my first use of auto transportation, I contacted about 10 companies. All provided a fairly quick online price quote--and all tell you it is only tentative. But when I wanted to speak someone on the phone, the differences between companies became obvious. Ultimate Auto Shipping stood out from the rest, primarily because Pat Lynch, the owner, answered the phone every time I called. No secretary, no menu of prompts to negotiate. I spoke directly to him. And Pat knew the all answers--he didn't have to look them up. He was also clear, honest and willing to take whatever time I needed to understand the process. No other company I called worked like that. Pat's website has a video with the much the same information. But it is incredibly reassuring to speak to directly to the company owner about your questions and issues. When it came time to move the car, Pat kept us informed and found a transport driver--Carlos--fairly quickly in spite of heavy demand on our route. Carlos' rig appeared clean and well maintained. Carlos was cordial, careful and quickly put us at ease. The car was delivered on time, at the agreed price and in perfect condition. He even adjusted our pickup time a bit to accommodate a last minute issue on our end. We had an absolutely flawless experience. Not only would I use Ultimate Auto Shipping again, I would ONLY use them.


5 Star Rating

November 2nd, 2018

I recently purchased a classic bronco that needed to be shipped from Illinois to Maryland. Pat was recommended thru the seller and I was more than pleased. His quick response time and miraculous delivery time exceeded my expectations on all fronts. I had a very small window for delivery or else having to wait several more weeks before I would be able to see my dream car. Pat was able to make the delivery happen that others said they could not. I could have been more pleased. I would highly recommend Ultimate Auto Shipping to anyone shipping a vehicle.


5 Star Rating

October 20th, 2018

Phoenix, AZ

I've shipped 2 classic cars from out of state with Pat at Ultimate Auto Shipping and he has always been upfront & honest, delivered a fair price, and given straight-foward guidance on the process and timeline. He always gets back to you quickly and never leaves you guessing on the status of your shipment. Thanks, Pat!


5 Star Rating

October 17th, 2018

Pat of Ultimate Auto Shipping, Inc. was upfront, knowledgeable and extremely accessible. It is a rarity these days that a person actually answers the phone... let alone the person with the answers! I had little understanding of the "auto shipping" process and felt lucky to find someone that not only understood the process, but actually cared. Once loaded, my vehicle was safely transported from Florida to Indiana "without a hitch." I would not hesitate to use his service again.


5 Star Rating

September 24th, 2018

Salt Lake City, UT

I contacted several auto transport companies to get an idea of how much it would cost to ship my car from Florida.  Ultimate Auto Shipping responded right away and was in the range of what I was seeing.  They encouraged me to do my homework and were very informative.  They had also appeared in a top-ten list of auto transporters.  When I was ready to ship my vehicle a few weeks later, they called me back right away and were able to get a pickup setup very quickly.  The pickup was made at the scheduled time and was delivered when expected without a hitch.  It's a pleasure to get the service you expect.  Thanks, Ultimate Auto Shipping.


5 Star Rating

August 22nd, 2018

I was searching for a company to ship my classic Fairlane to Reno for Hot August Nights. I had never done this before and was very nervous anyway. It would be the first time my baby would be out of my control.

I was bombarded with emails from companies I had not even contacted. One email stood out and it was from Patrick Lynch at Ultimate Auto Shipping. One of the first things he told me was that there were many disreputable players in the industry. He provided some great information on the subject as well as referring me to his BBB record. I decided to go with Ultimate Auto Shipping and called Patrick. Amazingly what he had to me about how the process worked was quickly shown to be true as my car had already been posted.

After a couple of calls to get is removed, I proceeded with Patrick's help. Everything went flawlessly after that. I would highly recommend that you talk with Patrick before you ship your car. I would recommend Patrick and Ultimate Auto Shipping to anyone.


5 Star Rating

August 21st, 2018

Great service directly from the owner Pat! I just shipped my 1975 Corvette stingray. Car made it perfectly fine and quicker than what I expected! I will be using them for every single one of my shipments moving forward.


5 Star Rating

August 15th, 2018

We have been using Pat Lynch with Ultimate Auto Shipping, Inc for almost 5 years now and would not know what to do without him. He has literally shipped HUNDREDS of classic Broncos and Ford trucks for us over the years. He has also helped HUNDREDS of our customers when they have shipped their Maxlider Brothers Customs Bronco to their location and they always have rave reviews for his service!

Pat is professional, knowledgable and PROMPT!

The thing I like most about Pat is that he knows the industry so well that he always gives me sound advice and excellent service. He has become more than just a vendor, but a TRUSTED PARTNER who as important team member to our business and clients.

The automotive shipping industry is a tough marketplace to understand and we are glad to have Ultimate Auto Shipping, Inc helping us each day!


5 Star Rating

August 9th, 2018

Fantastic Service getting my Alfa romeo up from Texas. Flexible cost, easier to deal with. Use this guy and NOT Ultimate Auto Transport- that is a scam.


5 Star Rating

August 8th, 2018

If anyone needs auto transport this is the company to go with. Highly reputable you can check BBB, and the owner is an astounding person, friendly, helpful, and overall a great guy.


5 Star Rating

August 4th, 2018

Bethel Park, PA

Ultimate Auto Shipping, Inc. gave me fabulous service in transporting my Honda CRV from Fort Myers, FL to Bethel Park, PA.  Pat Lynch responded to my first email instantly.  He answered all of my questions and provided detailed information and cautions pertaining to the transport industry.  After calling several other auto transport companies, I knew Ultimate Auto Shipping, Inc. was the one to use.  Pat kept me posted on a regular basis with cost and payment, the transport name, the driver's name, and telephone numbers.  My Honda was picked up at my address and delivered to its new home in Bethel Park.  The transport driver, Israel, did an excellent job handling my car at loading and destination.  All this was accomplished with Pat and Israel accommodating my hearing loss by using email and text messaging.  I was so appreciative of their kindness and understanding.  When I need my car transported, my call will go to Pat Lynch at Ultimate Auto Shipping, Inc.


5 Star Rating

August 4th, 2018

Ultimate Auto Shipping, Inc. gave me fabulous service in transporting my Honda CRV from Fort Myers, FL to Bethel Park, PA. Pat responded to my first email instantly. He answered all of my questions and provided detailed information and cautions pertaining to the transport industry. After calling several other auto transport companies, I knew Ultimate Auto Shipping, Inc. was the one to use. Pat kept me posted on a regular basis with cost and payment, the transport name, the driver's name, and telephone numbers. My Honda was picked up at my address and delivered to its new home in Bethel Park. The transport driver, Israel, did an excellent job handling my car at loading and destination. All this was accomplished with Pat and Israel accommodating my hearing loss by using email and text messaging. I was so appreciative of their kindness and understanding. When I need my car transported, my call will go to Pat at Ultimate Auto Shipping, Inc.


5 Star Rating

July 30th, 2018

Pat was extremely professional and honest in his services from the-get-go. He was very knowledgeable, kind, courteous and did not attempt to rush me into a decision. My auto was picked up on time and delivered on time at a very fair, reasonable price. I highly recommend his services to anyone wishing to transport a vehicle. Thank you, Pat. PsS will gladly recommend you to others.


4 Star Rating

July 18th, 2018

Ultimate Auto Shipping, Inc, run by Pat Lynch, brokered 3 transports from NJ -- AZ. Each time I was pleased with the drivers he recommended /arranged. I'm just reading some of these negative reviews and that was not close to my experience. I just looked him up since its has been about 3 years since I needed auto transport and I will likely use Pat's services again.


5 Star Rating

July 6th, 2018

Scottsdale, AZ

If you are looking to ship an auto, look no further than Pat Lynch at Ultimate Auto Shipping, Inc.  I have shipped 2 vehicles in the last few years and knew nothing about this process.  I was lucky enough to find Pat.  He explained the process to me thoroughly, communicated with me on a regular basis and walked me through the entire process.  It was smooth, effortless and I never worried about my vehicles.  Pat uses only licensed, bonded drivers that he knows and trusts.  Pat is the ultimate professional and if I ever ship another vehicle, I will be calling Pat again!  I cannot recommend him highly enough!  


5 Star Rating

July 3rd, 2018

San Antonio, TX

I was looking for someone to transport my 1979 Jeep CJ5 from TX to MA and when I first started looking, I was soooo overwhelmed with all the e-mails, phone calls, and texts I received, I wished I hadn't ever started the search. I looked at a few companies that seemed legit but then after reading reviews on BBB and also Transport Reviews, I decided against them. I realize that some people are always going to find something to complain about but the one thing that bothered me, was that you would be given a quote then when the vehicle was delivered, the payment was considerably higher than what was quoted. That just was not an option for me. I found Pat L*'s company when searching for positive reviews on both BBB and Transport Reviews. Even though there were only a few reviews (at the time) they were ALL positive!! I went to his website, watched his video which was very informative, then called him. He explained all about the auto transport business (which I had already researched thoroughly) and I felt very at ease when talking with Pat. This was, after all, my 'baby'. I bought it brand new back in 1979!! Pat was very sincere and professional, kept me informed via text, calls and e-mails very frequently, since the town in TX was quite out of the way it proved a bit of a challenge. It took about 2 weeks to find a carrier but everything went well. The driver was soooo nice and very professional and informative, I felt very comfortable turning my keys (and Jeep) over to him. Unfortunately for him, he ran into some unforeseen problems with his truck that made the delivery time a few days later than expected but it was definitely NOT a problem for me. I spoke with Micka several times during transport and never felt uneasy. Using Ultimate Auto Shipping, Inc (with Pat L*) and the carrier he connected us with (Micka) was the best solution for me!! If I ever have to ship another vehicle, I will only use Pat L* and I'll ask for Micka as well!! Thanks so much, Pat. You were a lifesaver!!


5 Star Rating

April 12th, 2018


Great job! Shipped a lifted f250. From start to finish was easy. Cost could not be be beat. Great job!


5 Star Rating

December 28th, 2017

Monroe, WA

I recently purchased a 2009 Civic in Atlanta, GA and needed it Shipped to Monroe, WA.  Having never shipped a car  before it was very stressful finding a broker.  After doing my due diligence I called Pat and he was just who I needed.  As indicated by previous reviewers he was quickly responsive to every phone, text and email. During all my contacts with him I felt that I was in capable hands.   Price quoted was price paid. Car was picked up on time and delivered in less than 50 hours. Car arrived in same condition as when picked up.  Paper work was minimal.   I was highly satisfied.  

Several weeks later the Civic needed shipping from a dealership in Ogden , Utah back to Monroe, WA.  Without hesitation I called Pat and arranged the shipping.  I received the same superior quality of service as before and car arrived in the same condition as shipped.

 Ultimate Auto Shipping fit my needs.  I whole heartedly recommend them.


5 Star Rating

May 14th, 2017

Miami, FL

I recently contracted Mr. Lynch to transport a vehicle that I purchased in Oregon to be delivered to Dade City, FL. Mr. Lynch was very helpful and provided a quote within minutes. The vehicle was picked up on time, delivered early, and most importantly, without any issues or damage to vehicle. I highly recommend Ultimate Auto Shipping. Thanks so much Mr. Lynch!


5 Star Rating

July 8th, 2016

Pennsylvania, PA

Prompt call returns and email responses, great service. Helped me reschedule when my moving date postponed- no concerns or issues. Quotes and end charge consistent. Highly recommend this service for long distance car transport.


5 Star Rating

July 8th, 2016

Tennessee, TN

We decided at a late date to ship a car from TN to CT. After investigating and contacting several transport companies, we decided to go with Ultimate Auto Shipping. They had no complaints on the BBB and only glowing reviews. Patrick Lynch was VERY helpful and reassuring. The car was picked up in time and was delivered ahead of schedule. I highly recommend Ultimate Auto Shipping.


5 Star Rating

May 7th, 2016

California, CA

We worked with Pat Lynch of Ultimate Auto Shipping after he was referred by a friend. He was easy to work with, worked with us when we had to delay the shipping due to a friends illness, arranged for the pick up as requested, and the delay in delivery until we could be available in Washington. He answered our questions, followed up, and I would use his services again. Pat made it easy to ship our car.


5 Star Rating

April 29th, 2016

Florida, FL

I had originally sought out someone else to transport my vehicle to Massachusetts from Florida. The person whom I had called had low-balled everyone else and not knowing how the system worked I decided to go with him. When the day my car was supposed to be picked up had come and gone, with no driver calling me to arrange for the pick up, I tried calling, emailing, and texting the original transporter. He did not answer any of my calls. I looked up Ultimate Auto Shipping in the Better Business Bureau and saw that he had a stellar rating. I went online and saw that his reviews were terrific, so I called Pat Lynch, the owner, at his office and within minutes he had located a driver. The driver called me and as promised he went to my address in Florida, picked up the car, and within three days, the car was delivered to Massachusetts. I wished I had called Ultimate Auto Shipping first which would have saved me a lot of headaches and anxiety. I would definitely use their services again if the need arises.