The NHTSA, for years, has struggled to get automobile manufacturers to recall vehicles. Some campaigns have been more successful than others, and some much more public than others. But now, the NHTSA looks to be cracking down with help from the Obama administration, and some auto makers are already feeling the pressure. Ford is looking at a recall of their popular Fusion model, while Honda is under fire for problems with its Pilot and Toyota – who has been under heavy scrutiny for past misdeeds – is looking at a huge recall of Prius vehicles.

Auto shipping companies typically don’t handle the transport of recalled vehicles, but it does sort of hurt the new and used car industry, which is something that carriers thrive on. Many dealerships sell to people online, and there are online auto auctions that ship vehicles out of different auto warehouses. Auto shippers rely on the buying and selling of vehicles for a good chunk of their business, and if the NHTSA is getting more stringent, it could hurt overall sales. However, vehicles do need to be more safe, and if the NHTSA is working toward making automobile manufacturers more transparent, that can only be a good thing.

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