Rail Shipping Carriers

Auto Transport by Rail

Auto transport by rail services were once highly prevalent thirty years ago or so, but as the years have passed more and more people are turning toward overland auto transport services to serve their vehicle shipping needs as opposed to the railroad. There are several advantages to auto transport by truck as opposed to by train - it's faster, typically it's cheaper, and you have a lot more control over when the vehicle gets moved and you are there at pickup and delivery to see it physically loaded and unloaded. These are some of the main reasons why auto transport by rail services are slowly declining, but is it gone? Not yet.

Auto transport by rail can be difficult to find but if it is available on the route we may be able to find you transport by rail services. However, the number of routes with auto transport by rail services on them is small; only a small fraction of routes have rail companies that transport vehicles because so few people actually are searching for auto transport by rail service that many companies that once provided it are gone, unable to keep up with a rapidly-changing logistical landscape. This means that most customers searching for auto transport by rail services will be unable to find it - it's the way that the industry has gone.

But that does not mean that your vehicle will never be shipped - on the contrary, you should definitely eschew your ideas of auto transport by rail and focus on transportation by truck, as it is going to be much cheaper and easier to find than auto transport by rail. We here at Ultimate Auto Shipping recommend that you ship your vehicle with an overland auto shipping carrier. Even if you don't book your shipment with us, we urge you not to book with anyone that says they can provide auto transport by rail "from anywhere", as there are very limited routes that rail transporters will run on. We may be able to do it, if it's available on your route (and 90% of routes it's not available on anyway), but it probably won't be, so most of the time we don't even bother.