Senior Auto Shipping Discounts

Senior Auto Transport Discounts

As an auto transport brokerage we deal with hundreds of customers every month, and they come from all walks of life. We've shipped cars for movie stars, for basketball players, college students, military families, corporations - but one group of customers always manages to beat everyone out. We ship many cars for senior citizens, and many of these customers also happen to fall into the “snowbird” category. Snowbirds are customers who transport vehicles from the New England area down to the Gulf Coast during the late summer and fall months, in an effort to avoid the harsh New England winters, then transport their vehicles back home in the springtime when the weather's better.

The vast majority of snowbirds are senior citizens, and we are proud to be one of the few auto shipping companies out there that actually provide discounts for all our snowbird shippers. Let's face it - transporting a vehicle a thousand miles every six months can become pretty expensive pretty fast, and let's face it - the snowbird market is fairly large. By offering discounts on your next transport not only do we save you a bit of money but we also expand our client base, which is always great from a business point of view. We want to make sure that we provide the best service for you, so we'll never take your discount out of the money that is being paid to the carrier; it always comes out of our own pocket, so your pickup window will never be affected by any of the discounts we provide.

We want to provide the best service we can to all our customers. This means that we make sure we only work with the best carriers in the industry and we make sure that nothing stands in the way of you getting the best transportation service for your vehicle. We understand the importance of your vehicle and we want to make sure that everything goes perfectly when your vehicle is transported. If you are a senior citizen feel free to call us for a free quote and let us know that you are a senior citizen. You can fill out our free online quote request form as well, though your discount probably will not show up in the e-mailed quote price; this is why we recommend calling us to discuss your specific transport. You can call us toll-free at (954) 796-2023 to speak to one of our live agents any time during regular business hours.